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Dotted i Alliance, LLC is a multifaceted compliance consulting and project management firm focused on the needs and objectives of clients. Service delivery at its highest level is the hallmark of our organization. What clients envision and need, is what we deliver – endeavoring to exceed expectations through contract completion. 




Dotted i Alliance, LLC is comprised of highly skilled professionals with more than 20 years of experience as labor standards and Section 3 compliance consultants on public works projects. We offer our services to agencies, developers, and general contractors seeking a qualified team to provide construction support compliance services.

Labor Standards 

Our Team is equipped to provide the following services to confirm compliance with prevailing wage requirements:

  • Labor standards compliance training for contractors

  • Comprehensive certified payroll compliance review and monitoring

  • Support and guidance in the use of web-based certified payroll compliance software programs

  • Subject matter expert assistance to cure labor standards issues

  • Train-the-trainer sessions for payroll administrators and site superintendents

Section 3

We have extensive experience implementing Section 3 regulations and working with contractors to achieve federal requirements and goals. We offer:

  • Services to transition agencies from the old Section 3 rule (24 CFR 135) to the new rule (24 CFR 75)

  • Section 3 compliance training for contractors

  • Section 3 implementation, compliance monitoring and reporting

  • Training and education on how to be confirmed as a Section 3 business

  • Development of strategic action plans to increase Section 3 business utilization

  • Tailored approaches and implementing support for building and managing a database of Section 3 businesses and workers

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